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Massage is an exchange of energies in which, through sliding techniques, friction and kneading, if you work on the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and energetic systems, that provide relaxation of body and mind, fighting physical and mental fatigue.


Massage Anti-Cellulite

The most effective massage against cellulite is anti-cellulite because it must be done respecting the direction of lymphatic drainage guidance, to eliminate excess fluids in the interstitial medium, which is among the factors that cause cellulite..

The main benefits of this massage are:

  1. Improve venous return, eliminating excess fluid in the epidermis;
  2. Leaves and skin smoother, because it contributes to the elimination of fat nodules, which give the appearance of orange peel;
  3. Improves blood circulation, causing more blood to reach the massaged sites;
  4. Combats the pain and discomfort that are present in the most severe cellulite, grades 3 and 4;
  5. Facilitates the penetration of substances important for combating cellulite.

Massage Reducer

The massage is applied to specific areas where the client wants to lose measurements, such as the abdomen, for example. It is made with firm sliding and kneading movements. The aim is to reach deep layers, and redirect the adipose tissue. With this practice the region heats up, as it increases blood circulation. This promotes the breakdown and release of fat cells, in addition to releasing toxins and waste, minimizing cellulite.

The main benefits of this massage are:

  1. Assistance in reducing measures linked to other activities;
  2. Increase in oxygenation in the areas performed;
  3. Improvement of the appearance of cellulite;
  4. Reduction of swelling due to fluid retention;
  5. Relax the patient.

Massage Sporty

Sports massage is an important way to treat muscle tension in athletes and has the advantage over most therapies and can be used regularly to help prevent burnout injuries.

The main benefits of this massage are:

  1. Prepare your muscles for exercise
  2. Increase blood circulation
  3. Improve joint mobility
  4. Eliminate toxins that form in the muscles as a result of exercise
  5. Prevent and treat muscle and tendon injuries, preventing them from becoming chronic